Orogenic Exploration Pty Ltd

Eyre Peninsula Diamond Project (Surrendered)

Located on the western Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, this project consisted of Venus Bay Exploration Licence 2927. This Licence was located north of Venus Bay, around the town of Port Kenny.

This project was a Joint Venture with Flinders Diamonds Limited and Tawana Resources NL.

The area was explored for diamonds by De Beers (Stockdale Prospecting Limited) under a number of adjacent Exploration Licences during 1990-1992, and later by Diamond Ventures NL (EL1951 and EL2151).

De Beers discovered eight kimberlitic intrusions exploration southwest from Elliston (Mt Hope 01 to 08) during 1991-1992. The kimberlitic intrusions were located by first delineating local broad kimberlitic indicator mineral anomalies by surface sampling, and then drilling discrete targets selected from detailed aerial magnetic surveys. These kimberlties were later drilled again by Diamond Ventures NL in 1996. Both De Beers and Diamond Ventures reported the Mt Hope kimberlites do not contain diamonds.

The activity was centred around isolating the source of kimberlite indicator minerals that do not appear to be from the known barren kimberlites. A number of separate surface sampling programs for kimberlite indicator mineral have been completed.